Czech Hunter 666

This was a lazy and boring day. I didn’t even feel like hunting, so I went on a little trip to a supposedly haunted old house instead. It looked pretty creepy from the distance, but I never made it inside. As I was walking towards the building, a guy jumped out of its window and started running away. I chased him down and questioned him a little. He was hot so I pretended to know the owner. To my surprise, he believed me and was grateful that I won’t report him. A few bucks later I was looking at his beautiful hairy cock. I quickly went through all my pockets to get as much cash as I could. The dude wasn’t exactly excited about my offers, but the money was just too tempting. I enjoyed his curly hair touching my abs while being sucked. He was such a loveable little rascal. I only hoped he’d be able to take the cock.