Czech Hunter 665

I met this cutie just outside of Prague. The poor guy missed a bus and had plenty of time to kill. He was on the way to a friend who was renovating his house. My man was helping him for a few thousand Crowns. I couldn’t hold my smile. I pulled out cash from my pocket and made the dude a naughty proposition. I wanted to see his cock right there at the bus stop. Normally it took him two days to make 2 000 so making the same amount in 20 seconds was tempting. He had quite a nice cock, I definitely wanted to see it hard. My new friend was a bit shy, so we hid in a ruined warehouse nearby. The place wasn’t very comfortable, but we couldn’t be too picky. I wanted to fuck this 18 years old right in his virgin ass no matter what. I had to pay a lot and be very careful but, in the end, I got what I wanted.