Czech Hunter 564

I had to change my plans because of bad weather. Instead of a trip outside Prague, I decided to stay and hunt in a park near my apartment. A bit lazy but it was worth a try. The place was empty and grim. When I was about to go home, a young man asked me for directions. He was an actor looking for a theatre. He wanted to work there as an extra. The man spoke Czech but wasn’t of Czech descent. I love fit cuties, so I took him to my place hoping for some naughty fun. The guy used to work as a masseur, so he didn’t take good care only of my cock but also of my body. He really tried to please me and earn the money I offered him. In exchange for all his effort I took care of his butt. I think he loved it and suffered at the same time. The dude was moaning and cursing like crazy as I pounded his ass.