Czech Hunter 563

There is an abandoned and now re-cultivated quarry a few kilometers South from Prague. It was a nicely warm Friday, so I decided to go there and look for campers. The place is quite popular, so I thought it was worth a try. It didn’t take long and I met a lonely camper cooking a sausage on a stick. The guy lived nearby and came here to set up the camp while his friends were on the way. That meant I didn’t have much time… The dude seemed fine with me being around, so I tried to offer him some cash. He was a bit surprised but didn’t mind showing me his cock. The camp site was nicely hidden, and he even had a tent there. I threw in more money and we moved in the tent to have fun. The dude had some experience but not much, I had to be very gentle with his tight asshole. This trip was a sweet idea!