Young Perps Case No. 1904060-20

Case No. 1904060-20 from YoungPerps brings us an all-black pairing with young offender Damion Taylor and security guard Ethan Thomson.
I just recently featured this sexy security guard as baseball coach in a FamilyDick update called Getting A Ride From Coach, where he fucked one of his cute young players in his car (see here).
This week he’s back on FamilyDick, fucking the same boy together with the boy’s step dad.
Spring is in full swing and the juice are flowing, temperatures are rising, and guys are even hornier than usual. That must also be the reason why this sexy black boy Damion Taylor thought it was a good idea to go shopping with practically wearing nothing. Just some cut off baseball shorts and a cut off t-shirt.
Of course he got reported and invited to the office of the store’s security guard. Apparently, even the young guy’s junk was hanging out while he was walking through the aisles. Well, that guard was just as horny as the boy. And he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Damion’s junk.
But first, he had threaten him to call the cops and report him for indecent exposure. Of course Damion want the cops to get involved. He even asked the guard to please do nothing and let go back home to his girlfriend. Well, Mr. Thomson couldn’t let him get off that easily. Not without having some fun with him.
After writing a report and taking a few pictures as evidence, the guard had to perform a body search. Just in case. You never know. He might have stolen something. Or carry a weapon. Other than his impressive junk, and that tasty looking bubble butt in those thin shorts.
After some more begging, the guard gave in. No cops, if Damion complies and does the guard a few favors. How bad could that be? Damion thought. He didn’t expect that the hunky guard would make take off his clothes, and suck his big fat cock. Or make him bend over and take the guard’s big fat cock raw up his tight, virgin bubble butt. Maybe calling the cops wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.