Dirty Scout 297

Michal was a fresh graduate looking for his first job. He did try a few part-times as a student but was still inexperienced. At high school he trained to be a waiter, which isn’t exactly a qualification in high demand right now. That’s why he turned to me for help. Well, cute 18 years olds can always count on me. Michal was a bit shy, so I wasn’t sure if I had a shot at him or not. Nevertheless, I offered him a nice job at a hotel. Thank God this dude couldn’t afford to pay our fee because he was one of the craziest sluts I have ever fucked in my life. He had a girlfriend and I’m pretty sure he’ll buy her a strap-on for Christmas. He loved being pounded by my horny dick so much I was worried the whole floor would hear us. Luckily, it was Friday afternoon, so the building was almost empty.