Dirty Scout 294

Dominik was a very shy guy looking for work. I think he lived in a pretty toxic relationship. Being a bit submissive, he let his girlfriend walk over him all the time. She didn’t had a job and it was up to Dominik to pay all the bills. He even had to work weekends to support the lazy bitch. Well, he was quite handsome so I was happy to help him. There was a nice warehouse job open, it was nothing special but he liked it. Obviously he couldn’t afford our mediation fee so I was getting impatient to see him naked. Him standing in front of me all nude, playing with his hairy cock, made me incredibly horny. I paid the dude just enough to take care of my raging boner. It felt so great sliding in his tight ass. Dominik was a perfect bottom, I’m sure his girlfriend would enjoy fucking him, too.