Dirty Scout 284

This young man Rene was from a small village in a backward region of the Czech Republic. Still, he managed to get good education and had plenty of work experience. Besides a part-time waiter job, he worked as a clerk for a few years. He was tired of the job and the city he lived in and decided to move to the capital. That’s why he applied for a secretary job we were offering. A CEO was looking for a secretary and Rene felt like he was up to the task. He expected the job to be quiet and not stressful… well, he was wrong, but I didn’t try to talk him out of it. All I cared about was his handsome face and hot body. Under the façade of a nicely dressed man of culture, he played the piano, was hiding a naughty slut. Once he took his clothes off, the guy turned into a regular sex machine.