Dirty Scout 267

This candidate wasn’t easy to manage. He was a also bit nervous and not exactly Einstein. The guy tried various jobs but nothing fancy. His girlfriend broke up with him because he was a loser. I hate to say it, but I could understand her. Well, I wasn’t interested in his life story, nor I did care about his personality flaws. I wanted to fuck that nicely built cutie. He had no problem with undressing. Why would someone with such a great body be shy? The guy was ripped, and I couldn’t wait to try his firm ass. His pockets were empty, so my cash worked like a charm. Soon I was banging him on my desk like crazy. The butt was really tight, and I could tell he was struggling a bit. His whole body tensed; every muscle flexed… it was beautiful. I could see the relief when I finally unloaded my cum in his lovely mouth.