Dirty Scout 266

This young man tried a variety of jobs. He was a hairdresser, truck driver, ski instructor… All nice jobs but none of them good enough. The guy lived in Prague, so he was looking for something well-paid and located in the capital. He enjoyed working as a hairdresser, so I offered him such a job on a cruise ship. The salary was impressive, but he didn’t like the idea of being abroad for months. Well, no job is perfect. He needed money badly so once I described him the position in detail, he took it. 5 000 Crowns isn’t much, but the dude was broke and couldn’t pay our mediation fee. I was hoping for that. Cuties like this don’t come to my office every day so I was really excited when he agreed to get naughty. He needed my help and was willing to do a lot to get it. I just had to pay him enough.