Dirty Scout 256

Pepa looked quite sexy when he entered my office. I was surprised to hear this cutie was 23. He was fair game, and I was gonna get him. Pepa had a tough life; he was bullied so hard he didn’t finish high school. After dropping out he moved from one low-paid job to another. Luckily, he had some experience as a warehouse worker and that was the job, I was going to offer him. Because the dude was broke, he had to improvise and get rid of the mediation fee somehow. He claimed to have a 21 centimeters long penis, I didn’t believe him, but I was curious. When he lay his mamba down on my desk, I was in shock. My new friend wasn’t exaggerating at all. His cock was enormous. On the other hand, his ass was very tight. I love when this happens! I’m pretty sure that the entire floor heard us.