Dirty Scout 235

I usually can tell when someone is lying to me but this guy was difficult to read. He didn’t finish high school and wasn’t able to stay at one job for long. He always had a sad story ready to justify why it was so. He wasn’t treated fairly at school, he was bullied by co-workers… Also his father was gravely ill. For some reason I didn’t believe him. I think the dude was just lazy and incompetent. Still, he was kinda cute and I wanted to fuck so I gave him a job at a warehouse. The guy was neck deep in debts so he quickly agreed to work our mediation fee off. Or maybe there was another reason for his eagerness. When he undressed, a huge boner was staring right at me. What the hell?! I didn’t think twice and put the guy into good use. I gave him a pretty long ride on my cock and then he jerked me off dry. (10.July.2020)