Dirty Scout 232

This young man had a bit strange set of hobbies. He liked IT and coding simple computer games, that was kinda cool… but he also liked selling insurance. That was a bit weird for a guy like this. Well, he really liked finances and I definitely had a few jobs like that open. This guy was rough looking, but qualified, and enthusiastic… fortunately, he was also broke. He couldn’t pay our 5 000 Crowns mediation fee so I tried my tricks on him. I was horny so I didn’t beat around the bush. My help was worth a blowjob. After a moment of shock, he agreed. Swallowing my dick like nothing, this dude was ripe for me stretching his ass wide open. I paid him and he was on his back in a second. I love how some people are ready to whore themselves out. Especially when they see my cock is quite big. (08.May.2020