Dirty Scout 226

Trying to get more than a one-word answer from this young man was almost an impossible task. His self-esteem wasn’t exactly sky high plus he was kind of a couch potato with no interests nor hobbies. For a 23 years old dude from Prague, he definitely wasn’t too much fun. Anyways, I found him a job and then tried my naughty tricks on him. I was horny and the guy wasn’t bad looking at all. He couldn’t afford our fee so the way into his pants was open for me. The guy told me several times that he was straight. Maybe he was telling the truth but it didn’t prevent him from cumming hard while having my cock deep in his ass. Too bad he didn’t like the taste of my pre-cum at all. That’s why I simply covered his whole face with my warm cum. I was hoping that he would like the real stuff better.