Dirty Scout 187

Lukas was too bored in his home town so he travelled Dirty Scout 187 around and then decided to settle down in Prague. He came here because of better job opportunities and booming night life.
He had some work experience but nothing special so I gave him a job at a warehouse. He wasn’t exactly over the moon but liked the salary. I offered Lukas my help with our mediation fee because he was cute. The boy couldn’t get the money by himself so he agreed to show me his body in exchange. His cock was nicely big that’s why I kept offering him more. Eventually I gave the young man a pretty wild ride.
The Dirty Scout 187 boy had so much fun I was almost surprised. His constant boner was fascinating… and then he had a huge orgasm! It almost felt like I was the one who should got paid. I’m sure this was the best job interview of his life.