Dirty Scout 178

Still another Dirty Scout 178 young man got seduced from the capital town. He travelled to our agency from a town far in the East of the country. He wished to get a job in Prague and settle here with his girlfriend.
Several have tried that and failed miserably but this man had a opportunity to actually succeed. Back in Prague, one needs to be very confident and pushy. This young man was very much like this. He argued with me the whole interview, it was so annoying but also rather funny! I liked the man. To be honest, I didn’t want to help him, he was too irritating for that.
I wished to punish him a little, to wipe the smug smile off his adorable face and go for his asshole. When he dropped his clothes, I was very impressed. He was well muscular, definitely a fantastic catch.
The boy literally laughed at my initial offerings … he was so greedy.