Dirty Scout 160

I had to take care of some important Dirty Scout 160 business so I let my colleague to have fun at the office. He likes cute guys as much as I do. He was constantly jealous of my scores.
Well, this time things reversed. When I saw the video, I was quite upset that I missed this one. My colleague offered him a nicely paid salesman position and the boy liked it a lot. He had to be broke because after a few minutes of thinking, instead of paying our mediation fee he agreed to have sex right away. Just like that! Where are these cute slutty boys when I am at work! Our slutty boy tried very hard even though it wasn’t easy for him.
My colleague isn’t exactly “average” and the boy had to endure it. But in the end, he enjoyed the ride like a proper whore. I’m not ever leaving my office to anyone else again.