Czech Hunter 724

It was a nice Autumn morning in Prague, so I went out for a walk, pretending to work on a survey. I asked a few people, but no one gave me the right answer to the most important question. Eventually this young man agreed to earn nice cash in exchange for some nudity. We moved to my place, where I had a good look at his ripped body. The guy had a girlfriend back home but that didn’t bother him too much. She wasn’t there and my cash was. It all went smoothly, I just had to offer him enough and soon he was shoving my cock down his throat. He was a bit inexperienced but did a nice job. Anal was a bit difficult. It took a while to loosen up his ass but in the end I pounded that hole really good. He moaned like crazy and then cummed with my dick still inside. I bet he’ll buy his girlfriend a strap-on.