Czech Hunter 652

This trip was quite an adventure. I met a student waiting for a train in the middle of nowhere. His plan was to go swimming in a nearby quarry. That was a great idea, so I offered him a ride. We parked nearby and continued on foot through dark underground tunnels filled with bats. It was scary but eventually worth it. Lying nude on a rocky beach and watching water was very relaxing. It didn’t take long, and I got horny. The guy liked my naughty offer, perhaps he fancied me… He snatched my money and got busy with my cock. We were alone so I hoped he would do way more than stroking and sucking. My cock was so horny I simply had to put it in someone’s ass. I paid the dude just enough to sit on my boner and let it slowly slide inside. Afterwards we had a nice swim to wash the cum away.