Czech Hunter 623

It was a nice warm day, so I chilled out at a nearby lake. The place is usually busy, so I hoped to meet some summer cuties. At first it looked I came at the wrong time because I couldn’t find anyone. I was about to give up when I noticed a naked dude lying on the blanket. He scrambled to hide his privates when I appeared behind him with my camera. It was a bit awkward but once we started chatting, I knew he was my guy. He was waiting for friends and didn’t mind making a few thousand Crowns in the meantime. He threw away his undies and let me see his big fat cock. We were too lazy to hide and had fun right there on his blanket. This guy was incredibly good, especially his mouth was something special. When I couldn’t hold it anymore, I shoved my dong in his shaved ass and rode it until the end.