Czech Hunter 609

This time I got approached by a stranger. He mistook me for a client he was waiting for. The guy was a real estate agent and was supposed to give the client an apartment tour. After a little chat I decided to have a look inside. A hideout in this area would come in handy, I thought. Also, the young man was pretty good looking so offering him some cash was worth a try. Money worked great and to my surprise he was really into my naughty offers. When I sucked his horny boner, he was mine completely. He took my money and happily shoved my cock in his beautiful ass. This dude was horny as hell and he didn’t care who he had sex with. A guy, a girl… it didn’t matter. Money was only a pretext to fuck a stranger. Man, I just loved his approach. He gave me his number, so I’ll definitely see him again.