Czech Hunter 598

My friend told me about this park where she often sees young people bunking off school. She was outraged by such a behavior but for me it was a great opportunity. The next day I took my trusty camera and head to the park. Soon I bumped into this 20-year-old student. The guy had some serious issues but also looked quite cute. Money was the right way to talk to him. He was greedy as hell. Who wouldn’t like to make a few Crowns while bunking off, right? The guy had time all day long, so I brought him to my place. Too bad he bit off more than he could chew. My new friend had zero experience and struggled at the beginning. Despite me sucking him off he was still too scared to let my cock in his ass properly. It would be a shame to let such a cutie go to waste, so I at least convinced him to fuck my ass.