Czech Hunter 591

I went hunting into a park because I was looking for some outdoor fun time. It was cold but I didn’t care. It took me a while to find someone interesting, but this guy was worth all the effort. This 19-year-old student was incredibly cute. He was diligently preparing for exams and this was his only break today. He went for a walk and met me. Well, I was going to make this day very special for him. The guy was smart and didn’t trust me, so it wasn’t easy to talk him into stuff. Also, he refused to do anything outside, so I had to take him to my place. This little angel was simply adorable, so sweet and innocent. He genuinely struggled with all those naughty things I told him to do. I even had to suck his cock to calm him down. It was amazing. Don’t worry, I stretched him out nicely in the end.