Czech Hunter 582

My house in Prague is full of things that don’t work. It’s getting annoying but I’m not exactly a do-it-yourself guy, so I let it pile up until it became unbearable. This was the day I wanted to fix everything, and I was not looking forward to it. That’s why I went for a little walk to gather my strength. Maybe I would meet an excuse to postpone the whole thing for a few more days… That excusee had a name. Mara was a young electrician I met on the way home. The guy was busy to get to his family, but 2 000 Crowns convinced him to come with me and help. He didn’t do much. As soon as he saw my fitness equipment, we started talking about lifting and I paid him to show me some of his moves. Suddenly he was naked and working his ripped body. I got a boner in no time and that was the only thing in need of fixing.