Czech Hunter 581

After working at the office, the whole day, I decided to take a little break. I went for a walk and hoped to meet someone willing to spend time with me. After a few minutes I spotted a young man guarding a parking lot. It was a really shitty job. The guy was freezing outside for a few Crowns, so it wasn’t hard to convince him to follow me to my office. When he took off his uniform, he looked like some kind of a rocker. I liked that, mainly because rockers are usually broke. I was right, he was more than happy to make a quick buck. First, he gave me a pretty long blowjob and then gently sat right on my cock like a cowboy. I love when dudes cum while being fucked and this one cummed hard. This crazy ride left him barely enough strength to jerk me off. Despite being exhausted, he still milked me dry.