Czech Hunter 579

I tried a new trick and pretended to be a taxi driver. The phone app told me to pick up a customer just next to the road. It looked weird but interesting, so I pulled out and waited. I enjoyed the nice view and soon a young man approached me. He was trying to get home after a party. Jackpot! The dude was breaking so his friend would pay for the ride. The friend lived 60 kilometers away, so I was a bit reluctant. Instead of risking not getting paid, I offered him a way to work the fare off. The dude was cute as hell; you can imagine how happy I was when he agreed. I threw in some cash and drove us to a nearby forest where I gave the guy a proper backseat ride. He was only 19 years old and this was his first gay experience ever. He simply loved it! A great way how to get rid of hangover, I guess.