Czech Hunter 560

On my way home I noticed a young man hitchhiking at the roadside. I hadn’t fucked a hitchhiker for a while, so I decided to pull over and try my luck. The guy looked surprisingly calm given the bad day he had. He lost his wallet only a few hours ago, his entire salary was inside. He had no money and decided to better go home. I was more than happy to make a little detour. This dude was only 21 years old and very handsome. Thank god I still had some cash on me, it wasn’t much but he was cheap. I parked the car at a nearby forest and we set out to find a comfortable spot. I was very horny and couldn’t wait so we didn’t get too far. This dude was incredibly cute, his naturally muscular and yet lean body was so hot! He was also really nervous, which made everything even hotter.