Czech Hunter 557

The Czechs hate door-to-door salesmen, there are even some laws in place to regulate the practice. That’s why I was surprised to meet this cute guy going around and trying to sell electricity contracts to random people. The dude was very handsome, so I started a little conversation. Fortunately, he was nice enough to have a chat and easy to convince to make some easy cash on the side. His job wasn’t going that great, probably because you have to be kind of ruthless in order to succeed. And he was just so nice and cute. When I saw his huge dick, I knew he was the one. I offered him enough to follow me to a nearby forest, where we found a nice secluded place. The guy was really good at taking care of my cock. He moaned loudly when I put it in his ass, but I bet it was more fun than door-to-door sale.