Czech Hunter 473

This small-town dude was just adorable. He liked hip hop and Czech Hunter 473 soap operas, which was a bit weird combination. He worked as a roofer and came to Prague to visit his friend.
He had keys from her apartment, so we had a place to go in case things escalated a bit. It took a lot of effort to talk the guy into dirty stuff. He was so innocent… Still, his sucking skill was quite impressive. Unfortunately, he was way too careful about his ass and refused to let me in there.
I wanted to fuck so badly that I convinced him to fuck me. Well, it’s been a while, so I really liked the idea. He gave me a very good pounding.
His cock wasn’t exactly small. The guy was okay with it, he told me it’s like fucking a girl up the ass. I definitely want to see him again but next time his butt will be all mine.