Czech Hunter 469

This was my lucky day. I chose wrong hunting grounds at first, the Czech Hunter 469 area was nice but way too calm. It took a while before I met my guy. He was really interesting.
This cute blond dude came to Prague because of Pride Parade. He was really into the stuff but mainly for moral and historical reasons. He was also an aspiring businessman… well, he had plans but lacked capital. I could help him with that, so we made a little dirty deal. He was no slut but was obviously interested and curious. My cock was a bit bigger than he expected but he managed quite well.
I received one of the best blowjobs ever from him. Then I focused on his adorable clean shaved ass. It was nicely tight, and the guy knew how to handle a cock. Maybe he was a bit disappointed in the end, but my main goal was to satisfy me and not him.