Czech Hunter 447

I didn’t have too much luck today due to the hot Czech Hunter 447 weather. The streets were empty so I was just looking around, waiting for anyone to come by.
It turned out to be a great idea because an amazing guy walked right in front of my camera. The boy was a bit shy and I could tell he wasn’t stupid. He had big plans and I wished him best of luck. He was such an adorable cutie… obviously, I got incredibly horny. The boy took me to his place nearby but I doubted he would do anything dirty. He was too nice for that, I thought.
He was Czech Hunter 447 nice and adorable but also horny as hell and grew fond of my cock incredibly quickly. It was like watching someone getting out of the closet in real time
The boy was a heterosexual when we started and by the end he turned into a proper cock loving gay. It was incredible. (24.July.2019)