Czech Hunter 444

While hunting on the outskirts, I met this interesting guy Mirek. He was Czech Hunter 444 visiting his girlfriend but I guess he wasn’t in a hurry too much. I was sure the slag could wait.
The boy trained to be an artistic cabinet-maker, which sounded like a nice trade. He was still one year away from finishing the school so money was tight. I think the boy was truly in love Czech Hunter 444 because he was saving money for a huge birthday present for his girlfriend. He needed 10 000 Crowns. That sounded like a pretty expensive present but I wasn’t going to talk him out of it.
Instead I used it. I offered Mirek a few Crowns to test him and then took him to a nearby park. We had to be a bit careful but still I managed to have loads of fun with him.
His ass needed proper stretching at first but in the end we both had a great time. (12.July.2019)