Czech Hunter 421

Have you ever fucked an 18 years old firefighter before? Me neither. This Czech Hunter 421 boy was my first. Well, he wasn’t exactly a professional firefighter but he did firefighting sport.
I tried to picture him running around with hoses, all sweat and muscular… I definitely wanted to have a look at him and then do a lot more. The boy just turned 18 and was still a Czech Hunter 421 student so his pockets weren’t exactly deep. It took us some time to get rid off people so I could have a good look at him. It was a very nice view indeed.
Eventually, I convinced the boy to take me home. We were lucky that his roommates weren’t there. In the privacy of his room the boy relaxed a little and then squeezed my wallet dry.
In exchange he sucked me very nicely and after I absolutely destroyed his tight asshole, he even gave me his number!