BaitBus Buff Straight Guy Gets Tricked

The crew was out hunting the streets of Miami, when they spotted some buff straight guy relaxing by the water. You know what they say, ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’, and he fell for it alright. He got in the van thinking he was getting his fist piece of asian pussy (the bait). She asked him to wear a blindfold while she gave him a blow job.

That’s where Rico jumped in with his warm man mouth. Big guy was really enjoying getting his dick sucked (by a man), but eventually had to check out the scene. He was shocked/angry when he saw a man on the end of his hard cock. Never underestimate the male sex drive. He finished the job by fucking Rico in the ass, just because he thought he still had a shot with the asian bait.

Well that, and he was offered cash. However, this is Bait Bus, so there was no cash, he didn’t get the girl, and he’s probably still walking home confused, Welcome to the team big guy.